IK-12 Beetle T

IK-12 Beetle T

Compact machine to increase productivity

The IK-12 Beetle is an affordable, portable, oxy-fuel cutting machine. It is known around the world as one of the best cutting machines in the industry.

Features IK-12 Beetle

  • Multiple use oxy-fuel machine
    Performs high quality straight, circle and bevel cuts. Single model includes 1 torch and 3 cutting nozzles.
  • Single Cone Stepless Drive System
    Maintains constant travel speed even with high temperatures providing stable, trouble-free cutting.
  • Lightweight Aluminium body
    At only 9.5 kg, easy to carry and use. Built robust to be a true workhorse.
  • Simple operation
    All functions are controlled by forward / off / re- verse switch, clutch lever and speed adjustment knob.
  • Extendable 1800 mm straight rail
    Cut longer parts.

Special offer*:

This offer includes following:
Stock # TBPJ640001-14 IK-12 Beetle T machine body
Stock # 30400Rail 1800 mm
Stock # 222.002.207 Transformer 230-42V

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