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Wel-Handy Mini Strong

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The Wel-Handy Mini Strong is a compact design welding carriage designed to perform horizontal, vertical, and overhang welding. 35kg strong magnet and 16kg traction power provides reliable performance and quality welds.
The machine is easily carried around with the handle with magnet detachment mechanism.
The controller on Wel-Handy Mini Strong adopted advanced motor feedback control with servo driver, which maintains constant carriage traveling speed under any load.
Changes in load, either from weight of welding torch lead or welding positions will not slow down the carriage. WEL-HANDY MINI STRONG provides constant, high quality welds from the beginning to the end.


  • Compact, portable design
  • Constant speed by motor feedback control
  • Strong 35 kg permanent magnet and traction power
  • Overload detection function
  • Carriage positioning by limit switch
  • Widely adjustable guide roller positions
  • Lifting handle with magnet detachment mechanism
  • Digital display for welding repeatability
  • Limit switches on both sides of the machine
  • Designed for continuous welding

Scope of delivery

  • Machine body
  • Power & signal cable
  • Allen keys (2pcs)
  • Operation manual

Technical specifications

Wel-Handy Mini Strong
Machine weight 8.2 kg
Traction force 16 kg
Travel speed 100 - 1000 mm/min.
Guiding system Fillet tracking guide roller
Stand off (plate to base plate) 5.5 mm
Magnet detachment mechanism Lifting handle integrated
Driving method 4-Wheel driving rubber roller (chain transmission)
Magnet type 35 kg permanent magnet
Automatic stop function Limit switch on each end of carriage
Unwelded lengths (start & end total) Approx. 260 mm
Welding method Continuous welding
Power & signal cable  Power and signal integrated Y-branch cable
Torch holder diameter 16~-20 mm
Input power DC24V

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