KOIKE Portable Cutting

IK-93T Edge Cut

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The IK-93T Edge-Cut is a double-torch, trackless plate edge bevelling machine that performs sharp bevel cuts.The machine is equipped with two specialized torch units each with a gradated angle indicator, which ensures accurate torch angle settings.


  • Trackless bevelling 
    Bevels plate edge top and bottom, up to 45˚ without need for track. For V, X, Y, and K bevel welding preparation on the edge.
  • Pre-set flame
    Unique Koike preset stop valve allows saving flame settings and quickly turns gases on and off.
  • Pistol shape grip
    Operator can control forward / reverse, clutch and speed adjustment with just one hand.
  • Compact and lightweight
    Although the machine is equipped with two torches and gas unit, it only weighs 12 kg, machine can be moved from one plate to the other easily.
  • Multi purpose
    By removing caster on the bottom of the machine, straight cutting can be done by use of rail.

Technical specifications

Cutting thickness 5-50 mm
Cutting speed 100-1000 mm/min
Bevel angle 0 ~ 45º
Clutch Trigger type mechanical clutch
Speed control Control IC
Heat shield Double shield for thermal protection
Input power AC 42V
Dimension (excl.torch unit) L380 x W130 x H210 mm
Weight 12 kg