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The IK-82 Series are the most advanced magnetic tracing type gas cutter on the market. The innovative design and unique modular structure was created to reduce equipment mass and weight and to provide a system configuration that ensures easy operation. The IK-82 comes in two types according to the effective cutting length.


  • Oxy-fuel pattern cutting 
    Increase efficiency and productivity of repetitive shape cutting by using templates.
  • Compact and lightweight
    Designed to occupy minimal space. The machine is useful for making holes on H-beam webs, processing bulb stiffener openings on a long strip and much more.
  • Magnetic tracing head
    Magnet is integrated in the tracing head; clean sharp cuts are realized by accurate template tracing.
  • Compact and lightweight
    Although the machine is equipped with two torches and gas unit, it only weighs 12 kg, machine can be moved from one plate to the other easily.
  • Permanent magnet base
    Permanent magnet in the machine base secures machine to workpiece for smooth and accurate cuts.

Technical specifications

Max. cutting capacity Circle: Ø 200 mm / Ellipse: 420 x 160 mm
Cutting speed 100 - 900 mm/min
Magnet roller diameter Ø 25 mm
Cutting thickness  5-50 mm
Machine securing 50 kg magnet with detaching lever
Bevel angle  Not suitable for bevelling
Speed control By transistor, dial speed adjustments
Cutting nozzle Acetylene: Koike 402ST type / Propane: Koike 406NT type
Input power AC 110 V
Weight 7.5 kg