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The rugged construction of the IK-70 is designed for quality flame cutting circles in a wide range of sizes. Operational versatility, ease and economy have all been built into this precision machine. Central controls, convenient clutch lever, variable mode operations, rigid yet lightweight unit, are just some of the features of this portable machine.


  • Oxy-fuel circle cutting machine
    Bevel or straight cut circles or holes
  • Infinite rotating gas manifold
    Tangle-free hoses for easy use
  • Excellent cutting capacity
    Cutting diameter Ø 150 - 1000 mm, bevelling angle 0˚ - 45˚
  • Centering pin
    Accurate and easy positioning of the machine

Technical specifications

Cutting thickness 15 – 50 mm
Cutting diameter Ø 150 - 1000 mm
Torch rotation speed 0.04 - 1.5 rpm
Bevel angle 0 - 45˚
Slope cutting angle 0 - 90˚
Machine securing Stand with counter weight
Input power AC 110V
Weight (incl. counter weight) 55 kg