KOIKE Portable Cutting

IK-12 MAX3

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The IK-12 Max3 is an incredibly robust tractor, which has been highly rated among the portable oxy-fuel cutting machines. Body structure is systematized to apply to different types of work and meet the needs of plasma cutting and automatic welding. Each component is functionally worked out as independent units, selection and assortment are at the customer’s disposal to create the system needed for the requirement. Enjoy the maximum efficiency, versatility and productivity with the IK-12 Max3.


  • Maximum reliability in most heavy-duty environment
    Not affected by intense heat and fluctuating  voltage, the maximum driving mechanism ensures steady traveling.
  • Double Cone Stepless
    Drive System Ensures extremely smooth speed transition, speed micro-adjustment and constant travel speed, which provides the IK-12 Max3’s famous sharp, fine cuts.
  • Choice of accessory and options
    Features wide variety of options that makes the machine suitable to achieve various cutting needs.
  • Selectable torch set and rails 
    Each torch set is specially designed for the purpose, ensuring the maximum results. 
  • Versatility
    Ready for oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting, or welding.

Technical specifications

IK-12 MAX3
Traveling speed 80 - 800 mm/min (@50Hz) 100 - 1000 mm/min (@60HZ)
Input power  AC 220V / AC 110V / AC 42V (+/- 10%)
Cutting thickness Depends on torch set
Drive system Double Cone Stepless Drive System
Motor Condenser-induction
Machine construction Aluminium die cast body 
Gear box Closed gear box, highly resistant against heat and dust
Max. loading weight 50 kg
Machine dimension L430 x W220 x H215 mm
Weight 10 kg