KOIKE Portable Cutting


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Picle-1-II is a manually operated pipe cutting machine for cutting and bevelling pipes. Equipped with a chain and worm gear drive system with low transmission ratio, leading to an absolutely frictionless feel.


  • Manual pipe cutting machine
    No power/electricity needed to cut pipe; ideal for field use.
  • Oxy-fuel pipe cutter
    Bevel cuts or straight cuts on steel pipe.
  • Interlocking link chain system
    Swiftly adapts to any pipe diameter.
  • Extremely smooth feed
    Worm gear with low transmission ratio.
  • Accurate bevel angle
    Bevel collar with angle indicator for easy and accurate bevel setting.
  • Lightweight
    At only 8.5 kg, this unit is easy to carry, operate and maintain.
  • Very low maintenance

Scope of delivery

  • Machine body with torch set
  • Chain link (80 pcs. for 600 mm pipe diameter)
  • Cutting nozzles (102HC or 106 HC, size #0, 1, 2)
  • Standard tool set
  • Operation manual

Technical specifications

Picle-1 II
Cutting thickness 5-50 mm
Cutting speed Manually adjusted
Cutting diameter ø 114 ~ 600 mm 
Torch up/down stroke 50 mm
Torch lateral stroke 100 mm
Bevel angle 0 ~ 45º
Drive system Worm gear and chain
Input power Not required
Dimension L410 x W120 x H410 mm
Weight 8.5 kg