KOIKE Portable Cutting


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High quality multi-purpose cutting
The IK-93 HAWK gas cutter is a portable gas cutting apparatus developed primarily for the purpose of high quality straight line, hand guided cutting. In addition to featuring high cutting quality, it also demonstrates unprecedented smooth operation and mobility. Designed with the emphasis on ease of operation, the trigger is placed higher to facilitate use at the inside or outside radius of curves and the unit features a convenient speed adjustment dial. The IK-93 HAWK allows travel in both forward and reverse directions.


  • Pistol shape control grip
    Ergonomically designed grip provides comfortable handling of the machine.
  • Centralized control
    All functions including cutting oxygen, clutch operation and speed adjustment are located at the grip for ease of operation by one hand.
  • Multiple use oxy-fuel cutting machine
    All of straight line, hand guide, circle and plate edge bevel cutting can be done by selecting a suitable option.
  • Compact and lightweight
    Machine weighs only 7.2 kg. Together with the slim body and handling grip, machine can be carried from plate to plate easily.
  • Bevel collar
    Torch angle can be set accurately using graduated bevel collar.

Technical specifications

Cutting thickness 5-100 mm
Cutting speed 100-1000 mm/min
Bevel angle 0 ~ 45º


Trigger type mechanical clutch
Speed control Control IC
Heat shield Double shield for thermal protection
Input power AC 220V / AC 42V
Dimension (excl.torch unit) L380 x W130 x H210 mm
Weight 7.5 kg