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Smartlift Ink 220 ROT

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SmartLift INK220
The Koike SmartLift INK is equipped with a magnetic break away system for collision protection and initial height sensing and control via inductive probes. It is designed for Inkjet marking devices.

The in the Katana control integrated wizard provides all required characteristics for precise marking on all kind of materials. The geometries will be automatically generated for alphanumeric labelling.

The SmartLift comes with a maintenance free AC motor and precision linear guidance system for smooth, reliable and accurate motion. The lifter runs at a fast stroke speed of 100 mm/sec through a ball-screw AC drive which provides more productive time.

ReaJet Ink Marking Unit
The Ink Marking Unit is of the dot matrix type using 16 nozzles for marking of text, part or order numbers and dotted lines. The height sensing control can additionally be adjusted with a predefined height (approx. 20 mm) to mark also near the edge of the plate (at least one sensor has to maintain contact to the plate).

The ReaJet marking unit has a rotation capability of +/- 180° avoiding high forces on the printer connections. By software programming it is possible to print in all directions. Katana will generate automatically all geometries for alphanumeric labeling.

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