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SmartLift plasma

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The Koike SmartLift with magnetic torch holder for collision protection and initial height sensing is designed for Precision Plasma Systems where a fast and extremely accurate torch height control is required to increase both productivity and cut quality.
The in the KATANA control integrated wizard provides all required characteristics for a precise cut depending on material, thickness and desired cut quality from to adjust the entire system with the correct parameters for perfect processing
The SmartLift comes with a maintenance free AC motor and precision linear guidance system for smooth, reliable and accurate motion.

Initial Height Sensing (IHS) with Collision Protection

Exact initial height sensing, using nozzle contact by electrical or mechanical triggering, ensures precise control of the accurate stand-off during hole piercing and cutting.
Improved cut quality and extended consumable wear due to retracking of torch to piercing distance in encoder increments and the built-in ARC voltage control system.
The integrated collision protection with magnetically positioned torch holder for fast and precise replacement of the holder allows simple visual inspection and nozzle exchange.

Plasma Shield Curtain

A plasma shield curtain for dry plasma cutting protects the operators from direct UV radiation while plasma cutting.

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