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SmartLift oxy-fuel

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The Koike SmartLift with Variable Torch Holder for Oxyfuel, Capacitive Height Sensing and electrically controlled Automatic Ignition is designed for rough environments where fast and effective Torch Height Control is required to achieve optimum productivity and quality of cutting and marking processes.
The in the Katana CNC control integrated Wizard provides all required characteristics for an optimum performance depending on the material, thickness and desired cut quality to adjust the entire system with the correct parameters for perfect processing parameters.
The SmartLift comes with a brushless maintenance free AC motor and precision linear guidance system for smooth, reliable and accurate torch motion. The lifter runs at a fast stroke speed of 100 mm/sec through ball-screw spindle which provides more production time.

The lifter is connected with the Koike EtherCAT bus to the Katana CNC controller that operates the movement of the lifter.

Automatic Ignition ensures the igniting of the torch through the path control or by pressing a button on the control panel. Individual Solenoid Valves allow choice and switching off of the cutting torch by CNC.
With the Capacitive Height Sensing the initial height and control of the accurate stand-off during cutting offers an improved cut quality for vertical cutting.

Swivel Unit
The Swivel Unit is an option for the oxyfuel torch station and can be used for plate edge preparations in longitudal directions. Precise angle settings of +/- 45 °C can be achieved with little operator adjustments. Also front and back adjustment for alignment of multiple oxyfuel torches is possible.

Heat Protection Shield
For a single oxyfuel torch mounted at the bottom of the tool station. Each torch will be configured with a heat protection shield.

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