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 Monotec is a flexible and compact machine, suitable for conventional plasma systems for cutting sheet metal up to 15 mm.

The machine construction expresses quality and stiffness due to its V-shaped body structure and integrated exhaust table using linear guiding and integrated precision racks with AC servo’s and gears.

The downdraft table is equipped with pneumatic valves for optimized sectional fume extraction. The table deck uses support bars that can be positioned in longitudinal or transverse direction.
Monotec uses the KATANA-S touch panel with software embedded switches for speed adjustment, plate alignment and tool station operation.

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Technical specifications

Machine dimensions (W x L)
2.332 x 4.544 mm
Table height
800 mm
Cutting area (W x L) 1.500 x 3.000 mm
Traverse speed
24 m/min
Plasma capacity up to 105 A
Max. cutting thickness 15 mm
Quality and safety standards
DIN EN ISO 9013, DIN EN 28206, DIN EN ISO 12100