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Katana Advanced

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The KATANA-ADV Control is a networkable numerical control for cutting processes like Plasma, Gas, Waterjet, Laser and other cutting devices, and all related Marking systems such as powder, ink-jet or Plasma marking.
The hardware is designed to work in rough industrial environments such as shipyards and heavy engineering. The Software is modular and flexible structured for easy implementation of new functions and the integration of customer-specific solutions.

The operating concept with its intuitive menus using touch screen is clearly structured and provided with symbols, graphics and photos. The operation was perfectly adapted to the needs of operators to reduce downtime and prevent operating errors. The integrated cutting database and wizards provide also inexperienced operator the opportunity to produce parts within a few steps. Wear parts are displayed as images for better identification.

The KATANA-ADV Touch Screen Control with advanced data bus technology provides fast and precise input, and errors are avoided. During the control and regulation of drives and cutting tools, speed and processes will be optimized. This allows a higher productivity with lower material consumption, and this will cut costs.

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