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Deltatex is a robust gantry machine developed to meet the highest demands on precision, ease of operation and performance. Deltatex is engineered to work in the toughest production environments and suitable for multi-shift operation.

The gantry bridge is a reinforced double beam construction with double linear guiding and heavy duty rack and pinion, strong brushless AC servo and backlash free gear, suitable for maximum 12 tool stations.

The portal runs on a railway profile track and is double sided driven with integrated differential compensation for precise guidance. The rigid machine construction with AC servo axis provide excellent dynamic properties at high contouring precision with positioning speeds up to 34 m/min.

Deltatex can be supplied for working widths up to 6 m to meet customer’s requirements. Cutting tools allow quality cuts with plasma up to 160 mm and with oxy-fuel up to 300 mm.

The KOIKE 3D-Link bevel unit received the invention award from the Japan Welding & Engineering Society and is to this day still regarded as one of the best available bevel units in the market.

The 3D-Link is used for high precision bevel cutting on sheet metal plates. The advanced height control with collision protection allows for cutting the most complex shapes with or without edge preparations.

The integrated bevel cutting wizard in the KATANA CNC provides all required values for a precise bevel cut depending on the material type, thickness and programmed bevel angles after which the entire system is automatically adjusted with the correct parameters.

The 3D-Link performs precise and efficient cuts in one run to eliminate manual rework. Accurate height control through arc voltage measurement, fast torch positioning speeds up to 20 m/min and infinite torch rotation with an angle setting speed of 100°/sec; The KOIKE 3D-Link bevel unit has set a new standard in 3D cutting technology.

Technical specifications

Rail span 3.500 - 7.500 mm
Working length up to 48.000 mm
Machine length 3.210 mm
Rail 49 kg/m
Traverse speed 24 m/min
Max number of tool stations 12
Plasma capacity up to 600 A
Oxy-fuel capacity up to 300 mm
Bevel adjustment +45° / -40°
Bevel positioning 100° / sec
Positioning speed Z-axis 20 m/min
Quality standards DIN EN ISO 9013, DIN EN 28206, DIN EN ISO 12100

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