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Deltatec is a highly accurate gantry machine developed for precision thermal cutting in heavy duty production environments. The machine is built with the use of the latest process control technology combined with excellent mechanics resulting in a rigid, dynamic machine. The gantry bridge is equipped with double linear guiding and heavy duty rack and pinion, brushless AC servo and backlash free gears, suitable for maximum 4 tool stations.The portal runs on a railway profile track and is double sided driven with integrated differential compensation for precise guidance. The AC servo axis provide excellent dynamic properties at high contouring precision with positioning speeds per axis up to 24 m/min.

Deltatec can be supplied for working widths up to 4 m to meet customers’ requirements. Cutting tools allow quality cuts with plasma up to 100 mm and with oxy-fuel up to 150 mm.

The highly accurate KOIKE SmartLift is a tool station that ensures superior cutting performance. The SmartLift features reliable tactile initial height setting as well as precise tracking control of the torch to workpiece distance by measuring the arc voltage.

Technical specifications

Rail span
2.500 - 5.000 mm
Working length up to 48.000 mm
Machine length
2.370 mm
49 kg/m
Traverse speed 24 m/min
Max number of tool stations
Plasma capacity
up to 440 A
Oxy-fuel capacity up to 150 mm
Quality standards DIN EN ISO 9013, DIN EN 28206, DIN EN ISO 12100