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Event at Elektrolas

Successful Event at Elektrolas

On the 8th of April, KOIKE joined the workshop at Elektrolas B.V. The theme of the event was “Smarter welding in steel construction.”
There were four nominated manufacturers to provide great solutions for the construction.
By following Covid 19 measures, the guest visits were on an appointment basis. Keeping sufficient distancing and wearing masks, the customers enjoyed our demonstrations.  

Elektrolas B.V
Elektrolas is a one of the most innovative companies providing numerous kinds of welding solutions.

Workshop “Smarter welding in steel construction”

In the event, we demonstrated the following machines, explaining how we could use our machines and how our customers could solve their specific problems with the machines.

•    PNC-12 Extreme    
•    IK-12 NEXT   
•    Auto Picle-S   
•    IK-72T       
•    Mini Mantis II   
•    Wel-Handy-Multi NEXT

It was not only demonstration, but also communication and inspiration. Our conversations brought next assignments for us, which will develop the bright future in our industry.

Overall, it was a successful day full of interesting workshops, demonstrations and information.

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