KOIKE Portable Cutting


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IK-12 NEXT is the latest model of IK-12 series, one of the most popular and long- seller gas cutting carriage.
New control panel and torch set: Wide range of application is possible to enable not  only gas / plasma cutting, but also welding with the same carriage.  

Newly equipped function: “CREEP MODE”: By simply pressing the button, normal speed can instantly be switched to low speed mode for easy adjustment at start/end point of thick plate cutting. 

Adding Weaving Unit option: Butt-welding  for thick plat can be easily made by Weaving Unit.

No need to add a separate control box for plasma cutting and welding application. Signal interface is already implemented into the machine.


  • Wide range of speed setting 40~2400mm/min. 
  • New control system allows wide range of application; gas/ plasma cutting and welding.
  • Stable and accurate speed control is achieved with encoder motor and digital speed indicator. 
  • Easy speed control with “creep mode” at lead-in/ out of thick plate cutting. IK-12 Next directly inherits various options of  IK-12 max3, which can be used as such.    

Technical specifications

Model Name IK-12 NEXT
Stock no. 20506283
Specification of carriage
Travel speed 40-2400mm/min
Motor DC24V Encoder electronic control
Speed dial Infinite rotation multifunctional dial
Digital Display Travel speed and parameters
Max. load weight 50 KG
Gas cutting
Straight cutting o (with the same rail for IK-12)
Circle cutting o (with circle cutting rail or circle cutting attachment)
Creep mode o

Plasma cutting

Plasma arc interlocking start o
Arc test o
Wait time for carriage running start 0.0 - 10.0 sec
Position Butt weld with straight downward position
Weld interlocking start o
Arc test o
Wait time for carriage running start 0 - 10.0 sec
Weaving control
Swing speed (mm/min) 400 - 1500mm/min
Swing range (mm) 0 -  100.0mm/min
Left/middle/right stop time (sec) 0.0 - 10.0 sec
Input Power Source Single phase AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Body weight (KG) 8.5
Machine size (L x W x H) mm 432 x 220 x 160 (without stand part)