IK-12 NEXT: The portable multi-purpose carriage

The IK-12 NEXT is the successor of the IK-12 Max3, which has been highly rated among the portable oxy-fuel cutting machines. Body structure is systematized to apply to different types of work and meet the needs of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and automatic welding. Each component is functionally worked out as an independent unit, selection and assortment are at the customers disposal to create the system needed for the requirement. Enjoy the maximum efficiency, versatility and productivity with the IK-12 NEXT.

KOIKE now offers 4 different kinds of IK-12 NEXT sets with an extra 15% discount.

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Following sets are available for the special offer:

IK-12 NEXT Cutting Set Stock # IK-12 NEXT Plasma Set Stock #
IK-12 NEXT Body 90140 IK-12 NEXT Body 90140
S-100 Torch set 90036 Machine connection cable 61005388


30400 Plasma holder set 20511063
Rail 30400

IK-12 NEXT Welding Set
Stock # IK-12 NEXT Weaving Set
Stock #
IK-12 NEXT Body 90140 IK-12 NEXT Body 90140
Machine connection cable 61005388 Machine connection cable 61005388

Welding holder set

20511050 Weaving holder set 20511064
Rail 30400 Rail 30400

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This sales offer is valid until 31-01-2021.
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