KOIKE Portable Cutting

Mini-Mantis II

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The Mini-Mantis II is a semi-automatic gas cutting unit for rapid and precise cutting of H-beams. Rotatable torch angle allows bevelling cuts on flange and web. The vertical unit can be tiled for cutting flanges in angled directions. KOIKE’s quality construction, ensuring durability and trouble-free operation, and you have an economical, efficient, compact gas cutting machine for H-beam steel.


  • Three rail types
    Makes web and flange cutting easy and efficient
  • Adjustable rail and rack bar angle
    Allows diagonal cuts on web and flange
  • Flame pre-set function
    Set preheat only once; saves time and gas
  • 4-Way jog direction control
    Controls both flange and web cutting with one direction switch
  • Long flange bar option
    For cutting of longer flanges up to 700 mm
  • Lightweight and portable
    Easy to carry and use in tight spaces

Scope of delivery

  • Machine body
  • ST-400 Vertical unit with torch unit
  • Power cable
  • Standard tool set
  • Operation manual
  • Cutting nozzles

Technical specifications

Mini-Mantis II
Cutting thickness 5-30 mm
Cutting speed 100 - 700 mm

Bevel angle

0 ~ 35º
Speed control Dial operation
Driving method Web: Friction roller | Flange: Rack and Pinion
Input power AC 110 V
Dimension (incl. vertical unit) L350 x W350 x H880 mm
Weight 15 kg