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Steelfab 2018

Steelfab 2018

About Steelfab
As the UAE and region’s most prominent business event that is specialized in steel fabrication, SteelFab 2018 will boast a large number of steel industry professionals and decision-makers among exhibitors and visitors as well as an interesting seminar program. The event provides a unique opportunity for businessmen, investors, and experts to review cutting-edge equipment and machines for steel fabrication.
For more information about the show, please visit the website.


Deltatec 4500 CNC Cutting
The Deltatec is a highly accurate gantry machine developed for precision thermal cutting in heavy duty production environments. The machine is built with the use of the latest process control technology combined with excellent mechanics resulting in a rigid, dynamic machine.
The Deltatec on the Steelfab show is equipped with SmartFocus 300 and 2 oxyfuel torches.

Monotec 1515
LIVE DEMO The Monotec is a flexible and compact machine, suitable for conventional plasma systems for cutting sheet metal up to 15 mm. On the show, the machine is equipped with a Dagger plasma system and we will give LIVE DEMO'S.

PNC-12 Extreme LIVE DEMO
The PNC-12 Extreme is a brand new innovative cutting solution developed according to KOIKE’s highest standards. It is the perfect machine to enter the world of CNC operated cutting.
The PNC-12 Extreme at the Steelfab show is equipped with a Kjellberg CutFire 100i and LIVE DEMO'S will be given on this machine.

Portable Cutting & Welding Machines LIVE DEMO
A big variety of portable cutting and welding machines are displayed on our booth.
For instance:
* KHC-600 --> Automatic oxyfuel pipe cutterAuto
* Picle-S --> Motorized oxyfuel pipe cutter suitable for large pipes
* IK-12 Beetle --> Multiple use oxyfuel machine
* IK-12 MAX3 --> The portable multi-purpose carriage
* Picle-1 --> Manually operated pipe cutting machine for cutting and bevelling pipes

Wel Handy Multi-II with Weaving option LIVE DEMO!
Heavy duty multi purpose mechanized welding carriage.

Seminar on Koike innovations
KME organizes a seminar where the following items will be discussed:
* Koike NEW Smart Plasma bevel system
* Koike NEW OP-TI-CAL K300 oxyfuel plasma tool with integrated camera
* Koike NEW KPD25 Drill Unit

Dates & Location
15 - 18 January 2018
10 AM to 7 PM daily
Expo Centre Sharjah, UAE
Hall 4, stand 1100